Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR Basic V2

FIXED VERSION FOR GTR FW here! /gtr/view/824

Version 2 of Basic wf /gtr/view/590

Bold hh:mm and removed  symbols

ENG, ITA and ESP versions included
PLEASE do not clone it except for personal changes or conversions...

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basicbold_eng_gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-e65c2f8336.bin 1.64 MiB Download
basicbold_esp_gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-8d94e2307f.bin 1.64 MiB Download
basicbold_ita_gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-5351ce17a5.bin 1.64 MiB Download