Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR Fixed_JanChan_09_Gear_digital_gtr47

Based on "Gear V3 Definitive Edition" remake of nightwatch.
Thanks for the work.

GTR FW (messed up icons)

Available in ENG, ENG am-pm, ITA, ESP, RUS, CZE, SKY

Added bt icon and fixed all other icons.
date format DD-MM

New version 2 - /gtr/view/1022

PLEASE do not simply clone and repost it, except for personal changes or conversions...

If you appreciate my work consider offering me a coffee!

janchan_09_gear_digital_eng_gtr47-fixed-60738-4acf0c0b2d.bin 1.57 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_eng_gtr47-ampm_f-60738-687a215f5b.bin 1.58 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_ita_gtr47-fixed-60738-cb9180bdf7.bin 1.55 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_esp_gtr47-fixed-60738-d03655f2ac.bin 1.56 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_rus_gtr47-fixed-60738-40a0b0db93.bin 1.52 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_cze_gtr47-fixed-60738-727c401c01.bin 1.57 MiB Download
janchan_09_gear_digital_sky_gtr47-fixed-60738-fadd7c24f9.bin 1.57 MiB Download