Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR JanChan_23_Analog_GTR47_V2

01 - red
02 - green
03 - yellow
04 - orange
05 - blue


Dial base from the Internet.
Updated and redesigned for GTR47.



Available in ENG.

Do not clone it, except for personal changes or conversions.
Fixes and enhancements enabled
If you make changes, specify the source of the original.
Thank you.

If you appreciate my work, consider offering me a coffee!

janchan_23_analog_gtr47_v2_01-60738-483b5894e7.bin 1.99 MiB Download
janchan_23_analog_gtr47_v2_02-60738-29f9f70bd5.bin 1.99 MiB Download
janchan_23_analog_gtr47_v2_03-60738-55dcc8df46.bin 1.99 MiB Download
janchan_23_analog_gtr47_v2_04-60738-6e0419b729.bin 1.99 MiB Download
janchan_23_analog_gtr47_v2_05-60738-0deaa42bc8.bin 1.99 MiB Download