Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR JanChan_29_Weather_Digital_GTR42


Here are the files for the GTR 42.
For GTR 47 click here - /gtr/view/1721

Bigger digits, bigger days of the week, black background.
Added weather - shows the current temperature in the set city.
Used weather icons from BIP, slightly modified and enlarged for GTR42.

Logo Amazfit = "bluetooth"

Tested on GTR47 - FW V1.3.4.19
Not tested for GTR 42.

Available in ENG, POL, ESP, GER, CZE, FRA, RUS, ITA.

Big THANKS  to WakeUpich, loly, sulimoff, ... and all at russian team!

Do not clone it, except for personal changes or conversions.
Fixes and enhancements enabled Well
If you make changes, specify the source of the original.
Thank you.

If you appreciate my work, consider offering me a coffee!

janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_cze-60738-4280144059.bin 1.48 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_esp-60738-c7b4c0bc78.bin 1.48 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_fra-60738-24575b5a12.bin 1.48 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_pol-60738-cd12a5670b.bin 1.48 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_eng-60738-8355add25c.bin 1.48 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_ita-60738-b429d0e5aa.bin 1.42 MiB Download
janchan_29_weather_digital_gtr42_rus-60738-e34a3b9db5.bin 1.42 MiB Download