Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR Marine Commander v1 Red

My vision of Marine Commander for Wear OS (full credit to the original author Bosenko). Red color.
_an - analog watch only version (with the weather display).
_w - weather version.
_tr - transparent hands version.
Version history:
-v1.2 - Added weather version, month names display, redesigned statuses icons and dial circles (due to incorrect display in the preview), minor fixes.
Available in EN, RU /gtr/view/999 .
Updated! v1.2. Install problem fixed!
Blue version /gtr/view/792
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marine_commander_v1.2_red_packed-90455-13118a05ec.bin 1.65 MiB Download
marine_commander_v1.2_red_an_packed-90455-c84f2a45dc.bin 1.78 MiB Download
marine_commander_v1.2_red_w_packed-90455-db2cbf818c.bin 1.86 MiB Download
marine_commander_v1.2_red_tr_packed-90455-f1ab56e23d.bin 1.65 MiB Download
marine_commander_v1.2_red_tr_an_packed-90455-6af4a3c222.bin 1.78 MiB Download
marine_commander_v1.2_red_tr_w_packed-90455-8611e5cfb7.bin 1.86 MiB Download