Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTR NewTech Series

UPDATE 7-sep
added orange
added lock icon
...fixed number 9 on black version

This time a watchface in different colors: Newtech Series
Grey, Lumen, orange and Black version

- Digital
- Heartrate
- Battery icon and %
- Weekday (ITA, ENG soon...), day, month
- Steps and goal progress
- DND, alarm icons and lock icons!


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newtech_grey_w-lock-gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-47ef2dfa82.bin 1.82 MiB Download
newtech_lumen_w-lock-gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-946a064d5d.bin 1.82 MiB Download
newtech_orange_w-lock-gtr47mm_by_minchiu-65437-358020b62f.bin 1.82 MiB Download
newtech_black_w-lock-gtr47mm_by_minchius-65437-884407a34e.bin 1.82 MiB Download