Amazfit Stratos

Amazfit Stratos / Pace ICWF2

* Changed font
* Removed the reduction of units
* Changed analog background
* small fixes

Attention! For some widgets to work correctly, you need to install the application Amazmod
About "Amazmod" app:
Two apps to be more precise: Amazmod app installed on the phone -
and Amazmod Service app for the watch -

Package Name: com.dinodevs.icwf2
ICWF2 - English language Settings

Based on GreatFit WF from GreatApo, the most advanced - open source APK WatchFace for Amazfit Pace/Strotos. (version 3.9)

Amazfit apk watch face with settings
8 different color styles
Many translations (Months/Days) are included (same languages available in my Calendar widget) Supports 21 languages: English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish (look in the changelogs for translators)
Ability to change widgets/progress bars
Seconds are enabled based on your system settings
More weather widgets (humidity, wind direction and strength, UV status, city)
New watch alarm widget
New air pressure, altitude/dive depth (calculated based on air pressure & temperature)
New xdrip values widget (will be supported with Xdrip by Klaus3d3)
New phone battery widget/bar (needs amazfit service+phone app)
New phone alarm widget (needs amazfit service+phone app)
New calories progress bar (set target in settings)
New heart-rate progress bar (min 0 bpm, max 200 bpm)
New world time widget, you can select the time difference it displays
New notifications widget, see unread notifications (needs amazfit service+phone app)
New moonphase widget
Better image resolution when raising hand
Ability to show only time when screen is off (to save battery, doesn't apply on raise of hand screen)
Status bar position and enable/disable
Many other options available in settings

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For much more information and images, take a look at:
GitHub: Donate

icwf2_28v2.129-10070-79dd4017ef.apk 2.36 MiB Download
ru_icwf2_28v2.129-10070-6374a280be.apk 2.36 MiB Download
ru_icwf2_28v2.229-10070-0dfd1d2bf0.apk 2.46 MiB Download
icwf2_28v2.229-10070-ef8d7ca9ec.apk 2.46 MiB Download