Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Bolt! (Many colors) - Animated

Bolt! is now available in different colors. Eight!!
English version only.  (Bolt! Green (also here) preview : /mi-band-4/view/5986) [Animation i set is almost of the speed of preview seen in this link]

Available colors
> Green (original)
> Light blue (English and German)
> Red
> Orange
> Purple (English and German)
> Violet
> Yellow
> White

- Version with Animation and without animation available to download.
- light version with 90kb for static and about 160kb for animated version.

Must work in new FW, but i have not updated to new FW to test (to see how fast animation is now).  I am still using old FW

Please consider donating if you like : https://paypal.me/lazimk100

Thanks to  mavFG for translating Bolt! blue and purple to german.


bluebolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-8a1003522f.bin 154.86 KiB Download
blueboltv2_packed-49019-776248e99d.bin 55.92 KiB Download
greenbolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-39f0195cd8.bin 166.84 KiB Download
greenboltv2_packed-49019-413cf31533.bin 67.9 KiB Download
orangebolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-3df57388d4.bin 154.86 KiB Download
orangeboltv2_packed-49019-ee4f2f0e42.bin 55.92 KiB Download
purplebolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-d1a54ce4d0.bin 154.86 KiB Download
purpleboltv2_packed-49019-c5660352d4.bin 55.92 KiB Download
redbolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-048b075a4a.bin 154.86 KiB Download
redboltv2_packed-49019-fe4c65cc37.bin 55.92 KiB Download
violetbolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-4f3a72459c.bin 154.85 KiB Download
violetboltv2_packed-49019-d51031e087.bin 55.92 KiB Download
whitebolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-aae2bf0d42.bin 154.36 KiB Download
whiteboltv2_packed-49019-619fcb75ef.bin 55.62 KiB Download
yellowbolt_anim_fast_v2_packed-49019-8961da7b69.bin 154.86 KiB Download
yellowboltv2_packed-49019-4af94db9bc.bin 55.92 KiB Download
blue_anim_fast_v2_german-49019-5697734189.bin 156.06 KiB Download
bluev2_static_german-49019-7d7b91e35b.bin 124.82 KiB Download
purplebolt_anim_fast_v2_german-49019-48df86d64f.bin 154.85 KiB Download
purpleboltv2_static_german-49019-48f3f0c741.bin 124.82 KiB Download